Course Participants are provided with a brief Options Trading Power Point to cover the essential elements of any Options Trading Discussion. The class is structured to meet the participant’s level of Options Trading Knowledge. The discussion can be for the entire syllabus or individual sessions.

Intermediate Training includes points not clear in The Beginner's session plus:

  • Understanding the Greeks
    • Delta
    • Gamma
    • Vega
    • Theta
  • Implied Volatility
    • Numerical Comparison of Options Prices
    • Comparison to Historical Volatility
    • Effectively comparing Options by Using Implied Volatility
  • Black Scholes Model
    • Discussion of the Nobel Prize Winning Model
    • Why it’s still relevant to today’s Options Markets
    • Where Black Scholes is ineffective
    • Other Models
  • Valuing Options Comparatively
    • Using Implied Volatility
    • Using Butterfly Spreads and Synthetic Positions

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