Course Participants are provided with a brief Options Trading Power Point to cover the essential elements of any Options Trading Discussion. The class is structured to meet the participant’s level of Options Trading Knowledge. The discussion can be for the entire syllabus or individual sessions.

Corporate Training Include All The Following:

  • Designed to meet the risk management requirements of corporations and funds, either hedging defined corporate risk or speculating a portfolio, or both
    • Utilizes the factors in the classes above to effectively evaluate the Risk Management requirements of the firm
    • Reviews corporate methodologies of risk management and trading to provide recommendations to meet best practices
  • Analysis of the corporation’s hedging and speculative needs in order to potentially assist in the modification of certain trading methodologies
    • Use Implied Volatility and Skew Analysis to assist in providing potential structure to Hedging and Speculative Positions
    • Design Specific Templates for trading analysis
  • Consulting with Governmental Agencies and Exchanges in risk management and the analytical review of markets, settlements and liquidity issues
  • Discussion of major risk management disasters including the following:
    • Amaranth
    • Volume Investors
    • Klein and Company

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