Course Participants are provided with a brief Options Trading Power Point to cover the essential elements of any Options Trading Discussion. The class is structured to meet the participant’s level of Options Trading Knowledge. The discussion can be for the entire syllabus or individual sessions.

Advanced Training includes discussion from other programs plus:

  • Understanding the Implied Volatility Skew
    • Different Skews for Different Markets
    • What is the genesis of the Implied Volatility Skew
  • Structuring Positions based on Implied Volatility and the Skew
    • Using the Skew to Design an Options Strategy
    • Analyzing how to create the Appropriate Strategy
    • Defining the proper Strategy to meet one’s goals.
  • Analyzing Risk/Reward Factors
    • Determining the benefits of a Strategy and how it may increase the likelihood of a more profitable outcome
    • Evaluating Hedging and Speculative Strategiesfor managing risk
    • Designing the correct strategy for a specific Risk/Reward Parameter
  • Essential information to review before trading
    • Implied Volatility
    • Historical Volatility
    • Implied Volatility Skew
    • Information Provided in the underlying’s Chart including Relative Strength Index
    • Liquidity Factors
    • Analysis of the Trading Costs Per Thousand Dollars of nominal value
    • Pre-determined Entry and Exit Point

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