About Us

At Options Strategy Network, our goal is to train Individuals and Corporations to design Options Trading Strategies that meet their risk/reward requirements by enabling them to build appropriate positions through the analysis of liquidity, historical and implied volatility, the skew and the best options strategy to meet their goals.

Fred Oltarsh

Partner & Editor

Fred Oltarsh is a Proprietary Trader for a New York City Options Trading Group specializing in Options Trading. He was an options market-maker on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange, the New York Board of Trade, and ICE Futures, Inc. for more than fifteen years. In addition, he was Head of Risk Management at NYBOT/ICE Futures for seven years. He has provided consulting services for the Commodities Futures Trading Commission and other corporate entities. He is a regular Contributor to Forbes and Inside Futures.

What We Offer

We provide access to individual, group, and corporate training programs from Options and Futures experts with significant trading and risk management experience. In addition, we provide the opportunity for live review of transactions and strategies on an advisory basis.